About Us

We believe that our choices matter.

Solstice Naturals is an artisan line of small batch and handcrafted beeswax candles formulated with non toxic and ethical ingredients to inspire health and self care. We are proud to offer clean candles you can feel confident about using around yourself, your loved ones, and in your home. We source high quality ingredients, never using petroleum-derived paraffin or GMO soy wax, artificial fragrances, fillers or any synthetic or toxic materials. Our guiding principle is to also choose to support ingredients, practices and businesses who align with our values of integrity, health and love for all beings and the Earth.

Proud of our high standards for quality and sustainability.

We stand firm in our commitment to using pure, earth derived ingredients - and it all begins with our incredible beeswax. Sourced from small family farms, twice gently filtered, never bleached, with a mildly sweet honey scent.

Our aromatherapy candles are scented with pure, undiluted essential oils - we never use any artificial or chemical scents or fragrances. We choose 100% cotton wicks, free of lead and paraffin. We are intentional about choosing plastic-free and recyclable or compostable packaging materials, including our mailers and water-activated paper shipping tape. Every detail of our process and final product matters and receives our attention and care.


Meet owner, candle maker and mama of two, Marisa Bello.

She lovingly makes each product by hand from her home studio in Gainesville, GA and has been passionate about nontoxic living for over a decade.

From consuming organic foods and clean water, to improving indoor air quality, to mitigating toxic environmental exposures, she encourages everyone to become their own health advocate and to research, read labels, support companies that honor transparency, and embrace a holistic lifestyle for optimal wellness.