3 Spring Scents to Uplift and Cleanse Indoor Spaces

Springtime brings with it a burst of color, scents, and energy as we begin to shake off the stillness of winter and head outdoors for the warmth and connection the season offers. It's a time when many of us are excitedly tending the garden and observing native birds as they busy themselves singing and building their nests. The aroma of blooming flowers fills the warm air as pollen freely flies about, reminding us of the cycles of abundance and life that surround us.

We can invite this vibrant energy into our homes by decorating with fresh-cut flowers, opening the windows, and incorporating essential oils into our daily routine. We love using these powerful plant allies in our homemade cleaners, diffusing them in the air, and even as an alluring and uplifting perfume!

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Herbal Extracts for Health: Teas, Infusions & Tinctures

Humans have always connected to the innate wisdom of nature as a fundamental source of physical and spiritual health. Our relationship with plants has supported and healed us through millennia, and although herbal medicine is not well supported in modern Western culture, an awakening in conscious health and lifestyle choices is shifting us back toward holistic, plant based remedies.

Plants contain a wide array of nutrients we need to survive and thrive. They are a direct link to the energy of the sun and the beneficial microbes that support healthy, living soil. We support the health of our bodies when we nourish ourselves with these wise and...

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Aromatherapy Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Aside from smelling incredible, lavender essential oil has multiple therapeutic properties and applications ranging from topical to aromatic uses. Even though we love its topical benefits such as aiding in burn relief, our focus is instead on its inhalation benefits and how incorporating lavender aromatherapy into your life can benefit the mind and body.

Lavender essential oil is collected from the plant's flowering top through a process of...

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Why Beeswax Really Is Better Than Paraffin or Soy Wax

We are obsessed with beeswax here at Solstice Naturals. If you've ever wondered whether the higher price tag is really worth it then you'll want to read on. Is it better than lower priced paraffin and soy waxes? The answer is yes!

While you might be tempted with the low-cost of colorful and extremely fragrant candles that line store aisles, keep in mind that more often than not the main ingredient is a paraffin wax. Derived from the petroleum refinement process, paraffin wax emits known toxins such as...

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How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally with Citronella Essential Oil

If you're fortunate enough to live in one of the few places where mosquitoes aren't common then lucky you! For the rest of us, especially here in Miami, we know what a nuisance they can be. But for too many of us our options for natural products to keep them away are limited. For most companies looking to cash in on the need to repel mosquitoes, the safety of people gets ignored and extremely toxic chemicals (like DEET) get used. Why is this? All that's really necessary is natural essential oils, for example citronella, cedar, rosemary, or...
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