Our Mission

At Solstice Naturals, we believe that we should never have to compromise on the quality of the products we choose for ourselves or our loved ones. We set out to create a product that we could feel really good about having in our homes, around our families, and that would contribute to our health, not jeopardize it.

Today, we are proud to offer a selection of carefully handcrafted candles that purify the air, deliver an array of aromatherapy benefits, and help cultivate joy and peace in our homes and sacred spaces.

Based out of Gainesville, Georgia, we always source high quality ingredients for our small batch candles. We never use petroleum-derived paraffin or soy wax (predominately genetically modified), fragrances, fillers or any synthetic or toxic materials.

It’s because we know that choice matters, and we choose health and happiness for ourselves and for you.


The Heart Behind the Brand

I grew up exploring the tropical outdoors of my sunny hometown Miami. Endless beach days, camping trips, and Everglades expeditions inspired in me a deep love and awareness of plant and animal life. My growing affinity for nature helped to shape important influences in my life, including a conscious commitment to support organic and sustainable practices in food and product production. A lover of herbalism, yoga, wanderlust, self care rituals, and above all, LOVE, I deeply believe in the importance of getting outdoors and connecting to the mystery and beauty of our natural world, for in it we find ourselves and compassion for all living beings.

"I believe we are all meant to thrive in a safe, non toxic environment, in connection to our highest selves and the entire universe."